Saturday, June 2, 2012

Get The Look:Kate Bosworth

 I love Kate Bosworth's style so I thought I would do a post of this outfit and show you how you can get a similar for less!

1.Forever 21 Necklace €7.90
She is wearing a couple of really cute necklaces!I found this two-layer necklace at F21 for a really good price!

 2.H&M Sunglasses €7.95
Protect your eyes from the sun while still looking chic like Kate with these H&M sunglasses!

3.Forever 21 Knit Top  €3.99
Kate is wearing a jumper but summer is here so it will be too hot outside for a jumper,so instead go for a simple knit top!

4.Zara Asymmetrical Skirt  €35.99
This skirt is the closest I could find to what Kate's wearing but again this is an inspired look so I guess it's ok!Zara has some great quality skirts so even though this skirt is a bit more expensive than the rest it is worth it!

So these are all the items you'll need to get this Kate Bosworth inspired outfit!I know all the prices are in euros but that's because most of my viewers are Greek!Here are all the websites to see how much the items cost where you live!

Thank u for reading!Hope you enjoyed!

Let me know if you would like me to do another get the look for another celebrity!
xoxo Maria


Alina Anghel said...

love Kate, she`s super stylish! xx

Maria said...

Yeah she has a great style!Thank u for reading my post!Don't forget to become a member if you like my blog!
xoxo Maria

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