Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Week In Italy

Hey everyone!So last week I went on a trip to Italy with my school.It was absolutely amazing,I loved Italy!
Alright,so day 1 which was Monday we arrived at the port at around 5 o'clock and left at 6.The trip was pretty bad as it was super windy and it lasted for 22 hours due to delays the we had because at first there were some illegal passengers on the ship and then the port of Bari was closed because of the bad weather!When it finally opened,we were off to our hotel which was called Pineta Palace!The hotel was ok nothing special but it didn't really matter.We arrived just at dinner time where we had a three-course meal!First we had the most delicious pasta I have ever had in my life,then we had some chicken with potatoes and for dessert some frozen chocolate cream!After dinner we were just goofing around the hotel,gathering in the rooms and just having fun!
Day 2,we visited the Vatican which was just beautiful!I could seriously stay in there for days watching everything!The first pictures you see are from the Vatican!I was really impressed by the ceilings of all the rooms!In the Vatican we visited the Sistine Chapel,which was breathtaking but unfortunately we weren't aloud to take any photos!After the Vatican we were free to explore Rome!Such a beautiful city,especially at night!
Next day we visited Fontana di Trevi,where I made a couple of wishes and then we headed to the Pantheon!Both of them were absolutely amazing!After that we were again free to wander around Rome and do some shopping!My friends and I tried some pizza and calzone from a little store and then we went to a cafe called Canova where I had the most delicious hot chocolate ever!Then we did some shopping.I found a Lush store there and I was so excited as we don't have one here in Greece but I ended up not getting anything as I it was a bit more pricey than I thought,not too much but I was a bit more careful with my money!I visited H&M where I got a gorgeous mint green sweater and then a store called wow! where I got the hoodie that you see in the last picture!A couple of hours later and after doing some souvenir shopping we gathered at the place where the bus left us which was close to the Colosseum to head back to the hotel!Both on Wednesday and Thursday we went to a club after dinner,where we had a lot of fun dancing and socialing with the Italian people!
Last day in Italy which was Friday we began our trip early so that we could visit Pompei before going to the port of Bari!The last pictures you see are from Pompei,which was quite impressive!After that we headed to Bari and took the ship to Greece!This time the trip was good and everyone got a great sleep as soon as we got in our cabins!We arrived in Greece at around 12 and then back to our home a few hours later!
Overall the trip was great!Rome is a beautiful city with great monuments,Italian food is delicious and Italian people were super nice and polite!I really want to go back in the summer time with my besties and I would recommend to everyone to give Italy and especially Rome a visit!
So that was my post about my week in Italy!Hope you liked my post,thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Le Big Red Sweater

Happy Sunday everyone!I'm soo excited,cause tommorow I will be leaving on a 6-day trip in Italy with my school!It will be amazing,I can't wait!I'll do a post with pictures as soon as I get back!:)
As far as this post is concerned,I took some pictures of what I wore yesterday so I decided to show you!This sweater is one of my most fave clothing pieces in my closet and I love how big and cozy it is!I got it last year for around 20 euros and I absolutely adore it!
I used the time machine effect for these pictures and I absolutely love the way they turned out!Hope you liked my post,let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Red Sweater:Pull&Bear
Floral Shirt:Pull&Bear
Lace Shorts:Shana


Monday, November 19, 2012

MAC's Fleur Power&Dainty Blushers

Alright so today I thought I would do a quick post about my two absolute favorite blushes,Fleur Power and Dainty.MAC makes some of the best blushes in my opinion although they can be a little pricey(20-22 euros)!
Fleur Power  is a soft bright pinkish-coral as MAC describes it and it is pretty much my everyday blush.Since it is such a bright color you only need a bit of it,otherwise you're going to look like a clown!It is a satin finish so it doesn't have any shimmer in it but it is not completely matte.
Dainty is a gorgeous light yellow pink with gold pearl!It is a mineralize blush so it has some really nice shimmer.It is a great color for everyday and I find that it goes really well with both my pink and peachy lipsticks and lipglosses!
These two blushes are really pigmented and I will definitely repurchase them when I'll ran out.However I don't think that it's going to happen any time soon as it's kinda hard to run out of these blushes!I have Fleur Power for nearly a year now and even though I've been using it nearly every day there's still a lot of it left!For that reason I think MAC blushes definitely worth those extra euros!
Right now I really want to try Melba,Well Dressed and Blushbaby.
That's all for now,hope you enjoyed my quick post!Let me know if you've tried any MAC blushes or which is the one that you really want to try!:)
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey

Hellooo everyone!So I thought I would do a post about my weight loss!I know my blog is about beauty and fashion but I thought this kind of post would be helpful for a lot of girls!Now back in August I decided to make a change in my life and start a weight loss journey!I've always been overweight but never really did anything to change that!I would wake up some days feeling super unhappy about my body and others I wouldn't mind the extra weight!There were so many days that I told myself "I need to stop eating so much and get on a diet" but that would only last for a couple of days or even a couple of hours!I'm a big food lover and I was so used to snacking all the time that it was hard for me to just reduce the amount of food I ate!However this summer something changed in me and I decided I really wanted to do it!Maybe it was the fact that I was on my heaviest weight or maybe that this is my last year of high school,I don't know!The first couple of weeks were really hard but slowly I got used to it!I reduced the amount I ate and start working out!From the first week I noticed a huge difference!
After the first month my eating habits and exercise routine got a lot better but still I would have some days that I was having some of the more unhealthy food like pizza and all that!From September until the beginning of November I wasn't really on a plan,I was just trying to eat as healthy as possible and workout!Up until the beginning of November I had lost a total of 8 kilos/17 lb!For the past two weeks I'm on a more specific plan that I find a lot more effective!I have a meal every 4 hours!That is so much better for your body!Let me explain why by giving you an example!Let's say there are two scenarios.Scenario A:one day you get as your allowance 10 euros.Next day  you get 5,next day you get 50,next you get nothing,next you get 100!Scenario B:you get everyday 10 euros!In which scenario are you most likely to spend your money with more confidence?Scenario B,cause you know that you will get 10 euros everyday,whereas scenario A you don't how much and if you're going to get an allowance.Same thing happens with your body!When you're starving yourself or having 1-2 meals per day the body doesn't know when the next meal is coming so it keeps that food and stores it as fat,in case it needs energy!However if you have regular meals your body will get used to that and will burn the food you eat as it knows that there will be more throught the day!So that's why you should have frequent smaller meals every 3-4 hours!That's what I've been doing!Also I have been trying to workout 4-5 times every week for about 25-30 minutes!
I currently weigh 71.9 kg/158 lb!My starting weight was 81 kg/178 lb so I've lost about 10 kg/22 lb!My goal is to reach 70 kg/154 lb by Christmas and then 60kg/132 lb by the end of the school year!

So that is all for now!Let me know if you want me to do a post about what I eat and the workouts I'm doing!I will keep you guys updated with my weight loss!Thank u for reading this long post,leave me your comments down below and let me know what you thought!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Faves

Helloo!So November is here so I guess it's time for me to my October favorites!I still can't believe that there's only one month of fall left(sad face),although here in Greece the weather hasn't been fall-ish at all!Anyway these are my faves for this month:

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette:I got this palette about a month ago(I think) and I absolutely love it!I only wear neutral eyeshadows everyday so this palette is just perfect for me!The colors I use the most are suspect,foxy,bootycall,blackout and busted!All of the colors in the palette are gorgeous!

MAC Select Sheer Powder:Such a great powder!I love how it keeps my face matte all day and it doesn't look cakey!The only thing that I didn't really like is that I hit pan on it pretty quickly,in like less than a month but that's the only negative about it!

MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation:I like to mix this foundation with my bb cream for a lighter coverage for the day time and it works just great!It is a bit darker for me but I make it lighter with the bb cream or with a lighter foundation whenever I want some more coverage!I was worrying about breaking out with this since I've heard a lot of people saying that they break out with MAC foundations but that hasn't happened with me so I'm very pleased!

Essense Superfine Eyeliner Pen:I wear eyeline pretty much everyday so I'm always on the search for a good eyeliner!This one from essense is a reallyy good one!I like how the brush is so fine because it allows me to make more presice lines which is always a plus!

Essense Gel Liner in Midinight In Paris:I wanted to try a gel liner for quite a while and this one was pretty inexpensive so I went ahead and purchased it!I loove it!I mostly use it on my waterline and it doesn't smudge at all,for real!My bestie has also used it and loved it!It is a really good gel liner and I would so recommend it!

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Brightening Black:I got this mascara thinking it was a black one but no no,it turned out to be a navy color!When I opened it didn't really look black to me on the bottle but on my eyes it did!But then when I took of my makeup I realised it was navy!And that's why I actually love this mascara!I have never had a colored mascara and I'm so pleased with it,cause it's different than what I'm used to but in a good way!It gives me some nice volume and it doesn't smudge!

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Flirty Honey:When I first got it I was impressed with the brightness of this lipstick but when I swatched it I realise it was more of a tinted lipbalm and I actually was really excited for that!It is so great for everyday and it gives a nice tint to your lips with some moisture!

Wella Pro Series Repair Shampoo:My mom recently picked this up for me!The first thing I love about this is the scent!It smells soo good,kinda fruity(I think :P).It is supposed to repair your hair and give some shine!I haven't really notice any repair but it makes my hair quite shiny after which I love!

And those are my favorites for this month!I really hope you liked my post,leave me your comments!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shoe Wishlist

Hellooo!Soo like every girl I loove shoes!If I could I would buy so many pairs of shoes but I don't always have the money to do so!I decided to do a quick post about the shoes that I would loove to get right now!So here they are:

Jeffrey Campbell Skull Lita:I'm in love with the lita shoes by JC and I can't wait for the day that a pair of them(or more) will become a part of my wardrobe!I recently saw these ones with skull studs on them and I just loved them!

Dc Martens Boots:I absolutely love this kind of boots and I've been wanting to get me some Dc Martens for a really long time!This burgundy pair is just heaven!

Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats:Alright I just can't get over of how cute these shoes are!This rosegold and black pair is gorgeous!

Tory Burch Nude Flats:I feel like every girl needs a pair of nude shoes and these look so cute and chic!The black pair is also reallyy nice!

Studded Loafers:Loafers are super comfortable,yet really stylish!I really want to get my hands on some studded ones!A few days ago I found a pair at Pull&Bear but I couldn't find it online so I just found a random pic of studded loafers!

And that's my current shoe wishlist!
What's a pair of shoes that you really want to get right now?Let me know!