Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style Obsession:Cher Lloyd

I've been listening to oath by Cher and Becky G non stop these past few days!I love Cher's music and style,I think it is really cute and fun.Therefore here is another style obsession post,I absolutely love doing these!I really hope you enjoy it,let me know what you think of Cher's style and my post!
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Studded Collar

Hello everyone,hope your week started alright!Mine started with a physics exam in which I didn't do very good but that's ok,I'll do better the next time!Anyways,yesterday I did a post showing you some new things that I bought during the winter sales!Today I decided to wear two of them paired together,so here is what I did!I wore the floral sleeveless top buttoned all the way up and then my sweater on top to keep me warm!I think it looks really cute and preppy!For bottoms I just wore my skinny jeans and studded biker boots!
Tommorow I'm going to wear my neon pink necklace so I'll probably have a post up showing you that!
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Babies In:Fashion!

Happy Sunday everyone!Winter sales begun last week and I couldn't pass the opportunity to get some discounted clothing!So I went to the mall yesterday with me bestie Athina to do some shopping.There was so much people in the stores you could barely walk around but the sales were amazing so that made it a bit better!Athina got a super cute black floral dress and a pair of jeans from Pull&Bear,as well as a light pink and black lace shirt from H&M!Here are more details on the things that I got!

Stradivarius Floral Sleeveless Top w/ studded collar:If you've seen my latest post then you'll probably know that I love having my shirts picking out my sweaters!This one will be so cute under my sweaters because of the collar!I loove it!It was originally 17.99 and I got it for 7.99.
Bershka Skull Black&White Dress:This dress was originally 25.99 or something like that but I got for 12.99 euros!I fell in love as soon as I saw it and thought it would be perfect with my biker booties!It came with a super long black belt which will be great for defining my waist!
Stradivarius Blue Floral Dress:Such a bargain.From 29.95 it was down to 5.99 so I got without second thoughts!It is super cute and I think it will be great for spring time!For now I will wear it with some tights and then a cardigan on top to keep me warm.
Stradivarius Camel Sweater:Sweaters are my favorite thing to wear during the winter time!I don't have a chunky sweater and I thought this one will be just perfect for the winter time!The neckline is quite open so you can wear falling from one shoulder!I also tried it with the sleeveless floral top and it looked super cute!It was 15.99 from 29.95.
H&M Black Purse w/ Long Strap:This was the only thing that I got that wasn't on sale as it was from their new collection!I was planning on getting a bag that I had my eye on for a while but when I saw this one I thought that it looked a lot better than the other one!It was only 19.95 which is great for a bag and I'm in love with it.This is going to be my new everyday bag!
H&M Neon Pink And Gold Necklace:Statement necklaces have started to become my new obsession and this is a great one to give that pop of color to your outfit.It was 3 euros from 7.95,so I just grabbed it!It will be amazing for the spring and summer time but I will definitely rock it with my sweaters and dresses now in the winter!
Last but not least I got my brother a red t-shirt with iron man on it from the avengers line that bershka had released!It was only 5.99 and he is always looking for new t-shirts so I thought I would get it for him!Plus I think every guy loves the avengers,right?

So that is everything that I picked up yesterday.I did a post last week showing you some other stuff that I had bought.If you haven't seen that one,click here 
Leave a comment down below and let me know which of the things I got you liked best or if you got something recently!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pop Of Burgundy

Helloo!I've lately been loving to have my shirts picking out of my sweaters and this combination has by far been my favorite,mint and burgundy!I'm a big fan of burgundy so I love any shirt that is in this color!I think it looks very preppy yet very cute!I also added my all time fave statement necklace to complete this look!For bottoms I wore my lace shorts(weird,huh? :P),two pairs of tights to keep me warm and my lovely new biker boots which I showed in my last post(click here).
I really hope you enjoyed my quick little post!Let me know what you thought.

Burgundy Shirt and Mint Sweater:H&M


Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Stuff In!Fashion&Makeup

Helloo everyone!So most stores here in Greece have begun their sales and I couldn't of course resist to them so I bought a few things!Let's begin:

Celestinο Sweater:Celestine is a store that has some more expensive things but they had some offers going on which were pretty good.First of all I got this sweater which is very big and I love it!It was originally 30 euros and I got it for 15.

Celestinο Biker Studded Boots:I have been wanting a pair of biker boots for such a long time and when I saw this pair I fell in love!The original price was around 40-45 euros and I got them for only 24!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer:There was this offer going on for the Fit Me products where if you get one thing you have a 3 euro discount and if you get 2 things you have a 7 euros discount!This was originally 8 euros so with the discount it was down to 5!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium:MAC was having a 35% off discount for two day,well today is the last day so if you have the time stop by cause 35% off is a great deal!The first thing I got is the skinfinish natural cause I needed a new powder and I've heard so many good things about it so I got it!I bought it for 19.17 euros instead of 29.5 which was the original price!

MAC Lipstick in Hue:I also got a lipstick cause I'm a big fan of the MAC lipsticks!This one is in hue which will be just amazing for everyday as it a pinkish nude!I love it!It was originally 18 euros but I got it for 11.70!

So that's everything that I got these past couple of days!I will be doing some shopping next week so I'll probably have another haul up next weekend!
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year + My Resolutions for 2013

Happyyy new year to everyone out there!Hope you had an amazing holiday with your loved ones.This holiday has been quite busy for me as I'm a senior and I have so much homework to do therefore I don't have much time to make posts or videos.Anyways I hope this year is full of health,love,happiness and success for every single one of you.Thank u to everyone who has been supporting my blog all this time,it really means the world to me!So since the new year is here I think it is time for me to make some resolutions so here they are:

1.Eat better,workout more and drink a lot of water to be healthier
2.Study more and harder in order to succeed in my final exams.
3.Be a better person,friend,daughter,sister,cousin,niece.
4.Make more and better videos and posts(after spring when I'll be done with high school of course).
5.Build my wardrobe and experiment more with my style.

So these are my resolutions for 2013!I think they are pretty self explanatory,so yeah!What are your resolutions for this year or your number 1 goal?
New Year =New Start
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