Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fave Everyday Lip Products

Helloooo everyone!Today I thought I would share with you my fave lip products for everyday.I don't really wear lipstick/lipgloss as much I used to but if one day I feel like putting something on my lips other than lipbalm these are the products I usually go for.

    MAC Creme Cup Cremesheen Lipstick:Cremesheen lipsticks from MAC are my fave because they are so smooth on the lips and they don't make them look dry.Creme Cup is described by MAC as a light blue pink,I would simply say it a really nice nude lipstick that leans towards pink.I think it is great for everyday and it looks good with most makeup looks!
    MAC Hue Glaze Lipstick:Ahh,my new obsession from MAC.It's not really that new,I have it for a while but whatever.Slightly more pink than Creme Cup(or at least in my eyes) it is also a great neutral lipstick for everyday.It is a glaze finish and MAC describes it as a soft pale pink.
    Avon(Color Trend Cosmetics) Pink Sunrise Lipstick:This lipstick,I ordered because it was on sale a while back.I didn't really needed a nude lipstick,I had a few but my bestie and I decided to order it from Avon through a friend of ours.It is kinda similar to Creme Cup,it is very smooth on the lips and it is a great nudish pink lipstick for everyday.It was pretty cheap,like all Color Trend products and you might still be able to find this in the Avon brochures.
    Essense In The Nude Lipstick:Last year for my best friend's b-day I went to the beauty store looking for a few makeup products as her gift and while I was at the Essense booth I was looking at the lipsticks section and found a couple of colors that I liked and I ended up picking up a light pink lipstick for her.However I had been eyeing this nude lipstick for a while as I really wanted a more creamy nude lipstick because the only one I have is Myth by MAC which is not creamy at all.So a few months ago I decided to pick it up.It is a more sheer nude lipstick but it is really smooth on the lips and it doesn't wash me out.Essense products are quite inexpensive so I highly recommend you to go and check them out.
   Clinique Flirty Honey Almost Lipstick:A mix between a lipstick and a lipbalm this gives a light hot pink color to the lips which is perfect for now summer(or what's left of summer).I picked this up on an Estee Lauder bazzar with my mom.It was on a mini set with another almost lipstick and a mascara.Even though it is not actually a lipbalm,I think it does give some moisture to the lips,it goes really smoothly on the lips and it is easy to apply even without a mirror.
   MAC Richer,Lusher Cremesheen Glass:These lipglosses from MAC are divine if you are not a fan of sticky or glittery/shimmery lipglosses.Really smooth as well,Richer,Lusher is a peach coral lipgloss which looks great on top of a peachy or nude lipstick.It is kinda sheer so it doesn't look very intense on the lips if that is not the look you are going for.If you do want that,then simply apply two coats of it and you're ready.
   Sephora Rusted Rose Lipgloss:This lipgloss is actually my mom's but I'm using a lot more than her so I kinda consider it as my own now.It is a really pretty rosy lipgloss which looks great on it's own or on top of a slightly darker pink lipstick.I think it is a seasonless color because it can be worn on any season and it would still look great.I'm not sure if you can still find it at Sephora or how much it costs but there are a tons of different lipglosses at Sephora and at many different prices so you will definitely find a color similar to this.

And that pretty much concludes today's post.I really hope you enjoyed reading that.Let me know in the comments below if you have any of these lip products and/or which is your fave lip product out of the ones you have.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Current Wishlist:Summer Edition

Helloooo everyone!I haven't posted in what seems like forever but I'm finally done with high school and from now on I will have a lot more time.Tomorrow Ι'm going with my dad to look for a new video camera as a gift for my birthday which is coming up,it is on the 20th of june.I've been dying to get a new camera so I can start making videos on youtube again and also I have a camera for a pictures somewhere on the basement of our house which I want to find to take pictures for my blog.Anyways,as I think most girls do,there are a few things that I've been wanting to get the past few days and I decided to gather them all together in this collage and share them with you.If you have any of these let me know in the comments below what do you think of it/them.

1.H&M Yellow Neon&Gold Chain Necklace 6.95€ :I think a neon or bright color necklace is a great way to add a pop of color and transform an outfit.This one from H&M is great one to do so because it isn't entirely neon thus it will be easier to style and match it with some other gold accessories.

2.Stradivarius Neon&Beige Bag 49.95€ :Even though I normally don't spend a lot of money on fashion pieces,I think that this bag which also has some neon touch is really cute and it will be very convenient to carry a bunch of (probably useless) stuff around during daytime.

3.H&M Flared Black Skirt 14.95€ :Skater or flared,however you call them ,these skirts are great for both day and night time outfits.I really want to get one in my hands but the last time I went shopping I didn't find one that I liked.Yesterday as I was looking through the H&M clothes on their website,I saw that one and I think it is really cute.I'll still have to see it in person but I think it is exactly how I want it.

4.H&M Lace Canvas Shoes 14.95€ :Ok,how adorable are these?I love them!Really affordable and cute,I think they will look really nice with a cute dress or skirt.I really want these!

5.Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallette :So many people have been obsessing over this pallette which makes me want to try it really badly.Also I really want some neutral matte eyeshadows so I think this will be just perfect.

6.Pull&Bear Floral Dress 22.99€ :I've been looking for a good floral dress forever and among to the ones I have found this is one my faves.I have a couple more that I like but I thought I would just put that one.I'm going shopping again soon,so I really hope I find it.

7.H&M Black Platform Sandals in Imitation Suede 29.95€ :Platform sandals similar to the JC Chloe is another thing that I've been really wanting to get.I think these will really nice with the floral dress and the skirt too.If I find this pair I'm definitely going to get it.

8.Zara Sandals 22.95€ :I'm not really a sandals person but this pair is amazing and very stylish.I would definitely buy these if I found them.

9.H&M Crochet Ballet Pumps 12.95€ :Another super cute pair of shoes.For me it is the happy medium between a pair of regular ballet flats(which I'm not really a fan of) and a pair of Converse(which I love).That is because they are really comfortable but still really girly.

10.Benefit Perfumes :All of the Benefit perfumes smell sooo good and I would love to get one of them.There was a specific one that I had smelled that smelled like apricot or peach but I can't remember which one it was exactly.I loved that one but I think in general that the Benefit perfumes are amazing.

And those are the things that are on my current wishlist.Really hope I can find and get some of the fashion pieces when I will go shopping,I'll let you guys know.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Day Today:Sunday

Helloo.It is 1.30 here in Greece so Sunday has actually passed but whatever,I'm still going to talk like it's Sunday.So today has been a pretty relaxing day for me,I just wanted to get my mind away from the whole studying thing.Things will start to get pretty rough so I want to have some fun these past few days.I won't really get any for the next two months but when summer comes I'll get my revenge,oh yes!
Anyways,today I woke up at around 10,then did some workout,did some housework and then made lunch.I had a lovely salad,some rice with red peppers and a spoon of yogurt with paprika,it was delicious!
In the second pic you can see my snack which includes strawberries,kiwi,yogurt and a few raisins.It has been my fave dessert/snack these past few days.Also I tried kiwi for the first time this week.Can't believe I never had one before,it is reallyyy good!While having my snack I read some magazines,I had to read the newest issue of Cosmo.
Then I got ready to go to the movies with my lovely cousin that you see in the picture.I love her,she's like a sister/best friend to me!While we were at the mall waiting for the movie to begin I got some ice-cream from Haagen Dazs.I got the Banoffee flavor,it was so good.We watched Stolen with Nicolas Cage,it was a good action movie.

That's pretty much how my day passed,I had a really good time.
Let me know how your day is going so far.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Glasses:Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer

Hello everyone!Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been really busy with school and I have barely any free time.3 more months until summer arrives,I just can't wait.
Today I wanted to share with you my new sunglasses.I went to a local glasses store about two weeks ago as I was looking for a pair of ray bans.The guy didn't have any ray bans at the store so he gave me a magazine and I chose these.He ordered them from America and I received them this thursday.I was absolutely ecstatic when I got them as I needed a new pair of sunglasses and they're also my fave type of sunglasses to wear.They were 110 euros which I think is a good price for a pair of quality glasses.They're bigger than I thought they would be but I'm actually really happy with that,I love bigger sunglasses!I can't wait for the more sunnyt days to come so that I can wear these more often.Oh also,they are the folding wayfarers.Yes,yes folding.They came in a small case and I was like "How do the sunglasses fit in there"? but they fold in half which is awesome as they won't take up much space on my purse/bag.

Well that's about it for today,I'll try and make another post tommorow.Thank u so much for stopping by,make sure to leave me a comment!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Inspiration

Hello!Here it is,another post with some lovely inspirational pictures.I just love finding new ones and sharing them with you.I found these ones at 
Got to get back on studying now.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Current Favorites

Happy Sunday everyone!Today,I thought I would share with you my current favorites.I've been using all of these products for a while and I love them.Let's begin,shall we?

Sunsilk Co-Creations Repair Conditioner:I've bought this so many times!I use it everytime I wash my hair and it makes them pretty soft.I don't think it really repairs my hair but my split ends look pretty bad when I don't use for a while.It is really inexpensive,I think it costs around 3 euros and it smells really good!
Olay Refreshing Face Wash:I've talked about it on my blog before.I purchased another one yesterday as I was out of it.I use it everyday in the morning and at night to remove any excess makeup.I looove the smell of it and my face feels really fresh after I use it!
MAC Lipstick in Hue:I purchased this around a month ago.It is the perfect everyday color for me I think as it is a lovely pale pink.It also doesn't make my lips look dry and it lasts for a good amount of time!
Essence Express Dry Drops:This has litteraly saved me so much time whenever I paint my nails!I use 2 drops for every nail after I have my two coats of nail polish done and that's it.The nail polish dries pretty fast which is always a plus for when I'm in a hurry.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:Again I use this everyday.I either use it on top of my foundation or bb cream as powder or by it's own as foundation with a bit of concealer.It gives a nice sheer coverage so if you don't want too wear too much makeup on your face you can just apply some concealer and then a bit of that on top!
Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette:I absolutely love this palette.I pretty much only use these eyeshadows when I want to wear eyeshadow.I just hit pan on Suspect and Busted,which I use the most(obviously :P).Most of the colors are really pigmented,although I do wish they would last a bit longer as I'm out of home pretty much all day and it is hard for me to redo my makeup throughout the day.
Essence Get Big Lashes Waterproof Mascara:Mascara is definitely my favorite makeup product so I always appreciate one that works well.This one gives me some nice volume and it separates my lashes really well!However next time I'll get the none waterproof one as it is kinda hard for me to remove it.
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream:My mom is a big fan of BB cream so when she ran out of her favorite one,the Garnier,she thought she would try a new one.She got this one but in a wrong shade so she gave it to me.I'm so glad she did as I wanted to try it for a while!I think it does a pretty good job and it doesn't look oily on my skin.I've been using so much this week with the mineralize skinfinish natural.
Essence Soft and Natural Foundation:Really light foundation with nice natural looking finish.It gives me a pretty nice coverage and again I have been using it with the mineralize skinfinish natural.
Venus Stippling/Buffing Brush:I got it a while ago from a beauty show.I use it everyday for my foundation and it just works really well.I can't get back to using the regular foundation brushes,they don't work as well.This one blends the foundation really well and it also works really good for powder.

And those are my current favorites.I can't do my favorites each month as they don't really change that often but I'll let you know when something new has been added to them.
What are some of your favorites right now?Let me know!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cats On My Shirt

Happy Valentine's day to everyone who celebrates it!So the other day I was helping my brother pick a gift for his girlfriend and while we were at Pull&Bear I saw this adorable shirt and I couldn't possibly pass it!It was only 7.99 euros,so I just grabbed it!No Valentine for me today so I think this shirt is perfect for this day.If you have been in the Youtube/Twitter world for a while then you have probably seen the "I'll go feed my cats now,forever alone" saying!So yeah this shirt kinda matches my situation(no offense to the ones that have cats,it's just a funny saying).I'll spent the day with my lovely friends,probably drinking hot chocolate.What are your plans for today?Are you going to spent it with your significant other or with your besties?Let me know!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style Obsession:Cher Lloyd

I've been listening to oath by Cher and Becky G non stop these past few days!I love Cher's music and style,I think it is really cute and fun.Therefore here is another style obsession post,I absolutely love doing these!I really hope you enjoy it,let me know what you think of Cher's style and my post!
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