Thursday, August 30, 2012

Style Obsession:Miley Cyrus

Heey guys!So I decided to do another style obsession post,this time about Miley Cyrus!I'm in love with Miley's new style,especially now that she has cut her hair!Hope you enjoyed my post!:)

What do you think of Miley's style?Let me know!
xoxo Maria


KayleighLouise said...

I love her style too!! She always looks effortlessly stylish!! Xx.

Maria said...

Yes she does!Thanks for commenting!:)
xoxo Maria♥

VLL said...

My favourite styles of Mileys is when she had the 'bob' hairstyle.. !
Love, VLL xx

evonita said...

δεν είναι τι στυλ μου σίγουρα! χι χι.. να σκεφτείς από όλα μόνο το πουά φορεματάκι μου έκανε κλικ! :) φιλάκια!

K said...

I adore Miley!! Thanks for the post ! <3

Maria said...

Χαχα ειναι πολυ ωραιο το φορεμα!Ευχαριστω για το σχολιο!:)

Maria said...

Yeah I loved her hair that way too!Thanks for commenting!:)
xoxo Maria♥

Maria said...

Love her too!Thanks for stoping by and commenting!:)
xoxo Maria

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