Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love it No2

More pictures I love!Hope you enjoyed!♡
Let me know what you thought of my post!
xoxo Maria


evonita said...

πανέμορφες επιλογές με δόση ρομαντισμού αρχικά και ροκιά προς το τέλος! φιλάκια!! :)

Caro * said...

Beautiful pictures, lovely inspirations :)

Maria said...


Maria said...

Yeah they're amazing!Thanks for commenting!:)
xoxo Maria♥

Lauren said...

Just found your blog :) I'm decorating my bedroom atm and am aiming for something like the pic with the white dressing table!

Maria said...

That is really cute!Thanks for commenting!:)
xoxo Maria♥

NATALIE said...

beautiful inspirations. love the post!

I invite you to check out my blog.

Maria said...

Thanks!I'll check out your blog!:)
xoxo Maria♥

Valerie Angel said...

I am having a Julep Maven giveaway! Click here to enter! :)

-♡ Valerie Angel

Beau said...

the photos looks all very interesting and cute <3
your blog is good and interesting


Maria said...

Thank u!:)
xoxo Maria♥

Valerie Angel said...

Just wanted to update my followers: I have changed my blog URL to To update your subscription to my blog and continue to see my posts on your feed, simply go to my new URL, unfollow, refresh the page, and follow! :)

-♡ Valerie Angel

shannen said...

oh those photos were so cute, the type i like :D
i've seen the diamond tatoo one before and am seriuosly considering getting it done

Shannen Xx

Maria said...

I'm glad you liked them!I looove the diamond tattoo,you should definitely get it done!:)
xoxo Maria♥

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