Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fall 2012 Trends

Hey everyone!So today's post is about some of the fall 2012 trends!These are definitely my favorite ones!I really hope you enjoy!♥

Dark shades of blue are combined with black in shirts,dresses and skirts to make a great trend that is easy to incorporate in your wardrobe!!

Strong Collars
Strong collars and especially the peter pan collar make another awesome trend!You can dress them up with a nice skirt and a pair of high heels or dress them down with a pair of jeans and some flats!

I freaking looove leather,even if it is faux,so this is definitely my fave trend for this year's fall!Invest on a leather jacket or a cute pair of leather booties that are easy to incorporate in your fall outfits!Leather bottoms are also great,even though they are a bit harder to style but obviously not impossible!

In different patterns and colors jumpsuits(or playsuits,call them however you like),can be a great go to piece of clothing for everyday!Add a cute leather or jean jacket,some cute shoes and a couple of jewelry and you're ready!

Dark red is always a must color for fall!This year,burgundy is the perfect fall color!Buy a cute burgundy dress or pair of pants and you will have a timeless piece of clothing that can be adapted to many different styles!

Statement Pants
Make your statement this fall with patterned pants or leggings!Floral,tribal or animal print!Wear them with a simple top and some high heels or flats and you're ready!

Clothes featured in this post!
Black&Blue: Zara Dress 59.95€, Zara Skirt 35.95€, Forever21 T-shirt 15.75€, Pull&Bear Tank Top 9.99€
Strong Collars: Peter Pan Collar Shirts:H&M White Shirt 14.95€,Pull&Bear Teal Shirt 19.99€,Forever21 Polka Dot Blouse 17.75€
The Other Shirts: Stradivarius Blue Collar Blouse 19.95€, Forever21 Black Collar Blouse 13.40€
Leather: Pull&Bear Jacket 49.99€, Pull&Bear Biker Boots 69.99€, Forever21 Faux Leather Pants 23.75€, H&M Shorts 19.95€, Forever21 Skirt 19.75€
Jumpsuits: Forever21 Abstract Print Jumpsuit 16.99€, Zara Black Jumpsuit 59.95€, Forever21 Tropical Print Jumpsuit 16.99€
Burgundy: H&M Dress 29.95€, Stradivarius Cross Body Bag 19.95€, Tally Weijl Pants 19.95€, Tally Weijl One Shoulder Dress 25.95€, Pull&Bear Top 14.99€, Pull&Bear High Waisted Shorts 15.99€
Statement Pants: Zara Pants 49.95€,H&M Leggings 12.95€, H&M Animal Print Pants 9.95€, Stradivarius Floral Print Pants 29.95€, H&M Pants 9.95€, Pull&Bear Floral Print Leggings 9.99€


Let me know which trends are your favorite for fall 2012!
xoxo Maria


evonita said...

σε ευχαριστούμε για την ενημέρωση! προσωπικά λατρεύω το δέρμα και τις φόρμες!!

anatoli ni said...

Πολυ καλη δουλεια μαρακι!!
λατρευω τα Strong Collars!!

Maria said...

Και μενα νομιζω οτι ειν τα αγαπημενα μ!:)

Maria said...

Ευχαριστωωω πολυυ!:)

evonita said...

χι χι, ταιριάζουμε! :)

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