Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Week In Italy

Hey everyone!So last week I went on a trip to Italy with my school.It was absolutely amazing,I loved Italy!
Alright,so day 1 which was Monday we arrived at the port at around 5 o'clock and left at 6.The trip was pretty bad as it was super windy and it lasted for 22 hours due to delays the we had because at first there were some illegal passengers on the ship and then the port of Bari was closed because of the bad weather!When it finally opened,we were off to our hotel which was called Pineta Palace!The hotel was ok nothing special but it didn't really matter.We arrived just at dinner time where we had a three-course meal!First we had the most delicious pasta I have ever had in my life,then we had some chicken with potatoes and for dessert some frozen chocolate cream!After dinner we were just goofing around the hotel,gathering in the rooms and just having fun!
Day 2,we visited the Vatican which was just beautiful!I could seriously stay in there for days watching everything!The first pictures you see are from the Vatican!I was really impressed by the ceilings of all the rooms!In the Vatican we visited the Sistine Chapel,which was breathtaking but unfortunately we weren't aloud to take any photos!After the Vatican we were free to explore Rome!Such a beautiful city,especially at night!
Next day we visited Fontana di Trevi,where I made a couple of wishes and then we headed to the Pantheon!Both of them were absolutely amazing!After that we were again free to wander around Rome and do some shopping!My friends and I tried some pizza and calzone from a little store and then we went to a cafe called Canova where I had the most delicious hot chocolate ever!Then we did some shopping.I found a Lush store there and I was so excited as we don't have one here in Greece but I ended up not getting anything as I it was a bit more pricey than I thought,not too much but I was a bit more careful with my money!I visited H&M where I got a gorgeous mint green sweater and then a store called wow! where I got the hoodie that you see in the last picture!A couple of hours later and after doing some souvenir shopping we gathered at the place where the bus left us which was close to the Colosseum to head back to the hotel!Both on Wednesday and Thursday we went to a club after dinner,where we had a lot of fun dancing and socialing with the Italian people!
Last day in Italy which was Friday we began our trip early so that we could visit Pompei before going to the port of Bari!The last pictures you see are from Pompei,which was quite impressive!After that we headed to Bari and took the ship to Greece!This time the trip was good and everyone got a great sleep as soon as we got in our cabins!We arrived in Greece at around 12 and then back to our home a few hours later!
Overall the trip was great!Rome is a beautiful city with great monuments,Italian food is delicious and Italian people were super nice and polite!I really want to go back in the summer time with my besties and I would recommend to everyone to give Italy and especially Rome a visit!
So that was my post about my week in Italy!Hope you liked my post,thanks for stopping by!


Fash Era said...

lovely pictures!! Wld love to c u drop by my blog and follow maybe :)

evonita said...

καλή χρονιά με υγεία εύχομαι!

FashionSugarBubbles said...

I bet that u had so much fun there with your friends <3


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