Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cats On My Shirt

Happy Valentine's day to everyone who celebrates it!So the other day I was helping my brother pick a gift for his girlfriend and while we were at Pull&Bear I saw this adorable shirt and I couldn't possibly pass it!It was only 7.99 euros,so I just grabbed it!No Valentine for me today so I think this shirt is perfect for this day.If you have been in the Youtube/Twitter world for a while then you have probably seen the "I'll go feed my cats now,forever alone" saying!So yeah this shirt kinda matches my situation(no offense to the ones that have cats,it's just a funny saying).I'll spent the day with my lovely friends,probably drinking hot chocolate.What are your plans for today?Are you going to spent it with your significant other or with your besties?Let me know!
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Anonymous said...

i love your shirt its a shame you wont wear it with your special one :( i hope you will have a better luck next year x0x0x00x0x0x

Adora Mehitabel said...

oh my in love!!!
thank you ever so much for following my blog xxx

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