Friday, September 7, 2012

Sephora Haul!

Hey everyone!So I went to Sephora today and got three things so I decided to a haul!Two of the things I got are kinda boring but I've been wanting the other one for a really long time and it finally came in Greece!
I'm talking about...

 The Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay!As soon as I found out it is sold at Sephora I was soo excited!It was 43 euros which I know may seem a lot but you get 12 super good quality eyeshadows!It will only be available for fall so all of my Greek readers/viewers hurry up!It is an awesome palette!:)

I also got a couple more basic things that I needed!

Yi Chun Eyelash Curler 4.15 euros

Sephora Makeup Sponges 1.95 euros

I really hope you enjoyed this quick post!Take care!:)
xoxo Maria


Maria said...

Naked 2!!!! Ελπίζω να την προλάβω!!!!! Όλες οι σκιές τις φαίνονται τέλειες!!!!!

Maria said...

Ναι ειν υπεροχα χρωματα!Πραγματικα τη συνιστω!:)

FashionSugarBubbles said...

pwww fenete fantastiki i paleta! :)


Maria said...

Ειν πραγματικαα υπεροχη!Ευχαριστω για το σχολιο!:)

evonita said...

εγώ έχω τη naked.. είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη, άψογη επιλογή!!!

Maria said...

Το πιστευω οτι θα την επαιρνα κ αυτην αν την εφερναν χαχα!Χαρηκα τοσο πολυ οταν πηρα την naked 2!Σ ευχαριστωω για το σχολιο!:)

Catrine said...

i adore the naked2 palette...i'd be lost without it! xx

Maria said...

I looove it too,it has become my new favorite makeup product!Thanks for commenting!:)
xoxo Maria♥

KayleyJane said...

I really need to get naked 2
I am a new follower, check out my blog and follow back?

Glyko Paramithenia said...

Την πήρα κι εγώ! Είναι υπέροχη!!!

Maria said...

It is awesome!You should really get it!:)
Thanks for following me,I'll definitely check out your blog!
xoxo Maria♥

Maria said...

Αχ ναιι δεν ειν?Ευχαριστωω για το σχολιο!:)

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