Monday, November 19, 2012

MAC's Fleur Power&Dainty Blushers

Alright so today I thought I would do a quick post about my two absolute favorite blushes,Fleur Power and Dainty.MAC makes some of the best blushes in my opinion although they can be a little pricey(20-22 euros)!
Fleur Power  is a soft bright pinkish-coral as MAC describes it and it is pretty much my everyday blush.Since it is such a bright color you only need a bit of it,otherwise you're going to look like a clown!It is a satin finish so it doesn't have any shimmer in it but it is not completely matte.
Dainty is a gorgeous light yellow pink with gold pearl!It is a mineralize blush so it has some really nice shimmer.It is a great color for everyday and I find that it goes really well with both my pink and peachy lipsticks and lipglosses!
These two blushes are really pigmented and I will definitely repurchase them when I'll ran out.However I don't think that it's going to happen any time soon as it's kinda hard to run out of these blushes!I have Fleur Power for nearly a year now and even though I've been using it nearly every day there's still a lot of it left!For that reason I think MAC blushes definitely worth those extra euros!
Right now I really want to try Melba,Well Dressed and Blushbaby.
That's all for now,hope you enjoyed my quick post!Let me know if you've tried any MAC blushes or which is the one that you really want to try!:)
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Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav said...

I am a super fan of MAC make-up, specifically of skin make-up products:font de teint, blush and of course consiler!

Poptartsandsex said...

I love these!

Maria said...

I'm a big fan as well,their products are amazing!Thanks for the comment!:)
xoxo Maria

Maria said...

Love them too,thanks for the comment!:)
xoxo Maria

Korallia Teneketzi said...

Love them both! If i had to choose i'd prefer Fleur Power! And I really like your blog!

Check out my blog too!

Maria said...

I think I'd pick Fleur Power between these two as well.Thank u so much!:)
xoxo Maria

evonita said...

ωραία χρώματα!! και mac φυσικά που λατρεύω!! :) είχε πάθει κάτι το blog σου? δεν εμφανιζόταν, σα να το είχες σβήσει! Χρόνια πολλά και για τη γιορτή σου, φιλάκια!

Maria said...

Δεν ξερω,ισως φταιει που εχω απενεργοποιημενο το προφιλ μ!Σ ευχαριστω για το χρονια πολλα αν και κανονικα γιορταζω 15 αυγουστου!:)

Suu ♥ said...

like these :)

Following each other?


sleepandwater said...

Such pretty pinks! I really want to try MAC blushes - especially Melba and Blushbaby :)

Sophie-Pearl said...

Hye I am following you now xx

evonita said...

μπορεί! :) αα, είδες τώρα, εδώ στην Κρήτη γιορτάζουν οι παντρεμένες μόνο το 15Αύγουστο.. δεν πειράζει! :) καλό μήνα, φιλάκια!

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