Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey

Hellooo everyone!So I thought I would do a post about my weight loss!I know my blog is about beauty and fashion but I thought this kind of post would be helpful for a lot of girls!Now back in August I decided to make a change in my life and start a weight loss journey!I've always been overweight but never really did anything to change that!I would wake up some days feeling super unhappy about my body and others I wouldn't mind the extra weight!There were so many days that I told myself "I need to stop eating so much and get on a diet" but that would only last for a couple of days or even a couple of hours!I'm a big food lover and I was so used to snacking all the time that it was hard for me to just reduce the amount of food I ate!However this summer something changed in me and I decided I really wanted to do it!Maybe it was the fact that I was on my heaviest weight or maybe that this is my last year of high school,I don't know!The first couple of weeks were really hard but slowly I got used to it!I reduced the amount I ate and start working out!From the first week I noticed a huge difference!
After the first month my eating habits and exercise routine got a lot better but still I would have some days that I was having some of the more unhealthy food like pizza and all that!From September until the beginning of November I wasn't really on a plan,I was just trying to eat as healthy as possible and workout!Up until the beginning of November I had lost a total of 8 kilos/17 lb!For the past two weeks I'm on a more specific plan that I find a lot more effective!I have a meal every 4 hours!That is so much better for your body!Let me explain why by giving you an example!Let's say there are two scenarios.Scenario A:one day you get as your allowance 10 euros.Next day  you get 5,next day you get 50,next you get nothing,next you get 100!Scenario B:you get everyday 10 euros!In which scenario are you most likely to spend your money with more confidence?Scenario B,cause you know that you will get 10 euros everyday,whereas scenario A you don't how much and if you're going to get an allowance.Same thing happens with your body!When you're starving yourself or having 1-2 meals per day the body doesn't know when the next meal is coming so it keeps that food and stores it as fat,in case it needs energy!However if you have regular meals your body will get used to that and will burn the food you eat as it knows that there will be more throught the day!So that's why you should have frequent smaller meals every 3-4 hours!That's what I've been doing!Also I have been trying to workout 4-5 times every week for about 25-30 minutes!
I currently weigh 71.9 kg/158 lb!My starting weight was 81 kg/178 lb so I've lost about 10 kg/22 lb!My goal is to reach 70 kg/154 lb by Christmas and then 60kg/132 lb by the end of the school year!

So that is all for now!Let me know if you want me to do a post about what I eat and the workouts I'm doing!I will keep you guys updated with my weight loss!Thank u for reading this long post,leave me your comments down below and let me know what you thought!


Anonymous said...

λοιπον μπράβο κ και πάλι μπραβο!!Σου αξίζουν ενα εκατομύτιο συγχαρητήρια!!Ξέρω πόσο δύσκολος είναι ο αγώνας αυτός(ψυχολογικος κυριώς ειδικα στην άρχη,αφου δεν βλέπεις αποτελέσματα).Πρέπει να σε έχω ως πρότυπο...Ελπίζω να τα καταφέρω σαν κ εσένα..Keep going girl!!Κ πάλι συγχαρητήρια ;D

Anonymous said...

quite an astonishing story sweetie, thanks for sharing. keep shining for the rest of the world to see and remember not to ever give up. ill just wish you to be what you wanna be. from personal experience with all these stuff ive just learned the road to change is tough but its worth all this pain for real trust me :) i hope youll achieve your goals and dreams in the end no matter wot. peace out \m/

Maria said...

Σ ευχαριστω τοσο πολυ,το εκτιμω ιδιαιτερα!Με λιγη καλη θεληση και προσπαθεια ολα γινονται οποτε ειμαι σιγουρη οτι και εσυ μπορεις να τα καταφερεις!Και παλι σ ευχαριστωω!:D

Maria said...

Thank u so much!Your comment put a big smile on my face,so thanks for taking the time to write it!The road is tough but I'm absolutely sure it will worth every minute at the end!:D
xoxo Maria

Fashion Diaries said...

sigxaritiria gia tin prospatheia..ola einai sto mialo polles fores..gia arketous einai disklo na xasoun ta kila kai akoma pio diskolo na ta diatirisoun..opos kai na xei bravo sou!!


Maria said...

Σ ευχαριστωωω πολυ πολυ!:)

Me Peerless said...

wow, you're an inspiration.
I can never get myself to work out.
Love reading these stories
following you now


Becca's Book Reviews said...

I really needed to read this because I have struggled with my weight for so long now and I've lately felt so bad about myself! I'd love it if you posted more about your weightloss journey and your workouts. That would be great! Definitely the inspiration I need :D Thank you for posting this

Maria said...

Aw thank u so much,it means a lot!:)
xoxo Maria

Maria said...

Thank u so much for reading!I will definitely do some more posts about my diet and workout routine!Thanks again!:)
xoxo Maria

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