Monday, January 21, 2013

Studded Collar

Hello everyone,hope your week started alright!Mine started with a physics exam in which I didn't do very good but that's ok,I'll do better the next time!Anyways,yesterday I did a post showing you some new things that I bought during the winter sales!Today I decided to wear two of them paired together,so here is what I did!I wore the floral sleeveless top buttoned all the way up and then my sweater on top to keep me warm!I think it looks really cute and preppy!For bottoms I just wore my skinny jeans and studded biker boots!
Tommorow I'm going to wear my neon pink necklace so I'll probably have a post up showing you that!
Thanks so much for stopping by,have a lovely week!
Much love,


Rothaariges said...

The collar is very pretty!

eyh said...

You are so cute!!

Maria said...

I looove it!Thanks for the comment!:)
xoxo Maria

Maria said...

Thank u!:D

Becky said...

Love the details on the colour and your hair is so lovely! Sorry to hear about the exam, physics was never my favourite! xo

Maria said...

Thank u so much!:)
Yeah physics is not my favorite as well!I've always pretty much haited it!
xoxo Maria

AndreaDiLaurentis said...

You've got such a lovely blog!! And you look very cute, would you like to follow each other? xoxo pretty.

Maria said...

Thank u very much!
Your blog is really cute,I followed you!:)
xoxo Maria

jessica said...

so pretty!!! <3 <3

Maria said...

Thank u so much!:)
xoxo Maria

Sophie-Pearl said...

You look stunning !!! L love shirts with knitted jumper x
would be great if we could follow each other let me know by following me and leaving a comment on

Anonymous said...

I really love the shirt it is such a unique pattern! I love the collared shirt under jumper look :) x

Katie-Anna Rose said...

love your blog! its so cute and i am not ashamed to say i am a little bit of a stalker because i love it so much!
I therefore nominated you for a Liebster Award!
take a look if you would, thank you very much so pleaseeee

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