Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Stuff In!Fashion&Makeup

Helloo everyone!So most stores here in Greece have begun their sales and I couldn't of course resist to them so I bought a few things!Let's begin:

Celestinο Sweater:Celestine is a store that has some more expensive things but they had some offers going on which were pretty good.First of all I got this sweater which is very big and I love it!It was originally 30 euros and I got it for 15.

Celestinο Biker Studded Boots:I have been wanting a pair of biker boots for such a long time and when I saw this pair I fell in love!The original price was around 40-45 euros and I got them for only 24!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer:There was this offer going on for the Fit Me products where if you get one thing you have a 3 euro discount and if you get 2 things you have a 7 euros discount!This was originally 8 euros so with the discount it was down to 5!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium:MAC was having a 35% off discount for two day,well today is the last day so if you have the time stop by cause 35% off is a great deal!The first thing I got is the skinfinish natural cause I needed a new powder and I've heard so many good things about it so I got it!I bought it for 19.17 euros instead of 29.5 which was the original price!

MAC Lipstick in Hue:I also got a lipstick cause I'm a big fan of the MAC lipsticks!This one is in hue which will be just amazing for everyday as it a pinkish nude!I love it!It was originally 18 euros but I got it for 11.70!

So that's everything that I got these past couple of days!I will be doing some shopping next week so I'll probably have another haul up next weekend!
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Have a lovely weekend!


An. Ni said...

Με γεια!!!
πηρα κι εγω μποτακια αλλα με μευρα τρουξ και δεν εχω βαλει αλλα παπυτσια απο τοτε!!


Maria said...

Και εγω δεν εχω σταματησει να τα φοραω,τα λατρευω!:)
Φιλιαα <3

Becky said...

Such amazing boots! And your mac lipstick is such a lovely colour and WHAT a bargain. Also so jelous of your sunshine :) xo

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

Absolutely love all of your new purchases! MAC is my guilty pleasure :D
Just stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist not following :D
Would love it if you took a peek through mine :D

Maria said...

Thanks!MAC is my guilty pleasure as well!:)
I'll definitely check out your blog,thanks for the follow!

Maria said...

I loove the MAC lipstick and it was indeed a bargain!Thanks for the comment!:)

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