Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Current Wishlist:Summer Edition

Helloooo everyone!I haven't posted in what seems like forever but I'm finally done with high school and from now on I will have a lot more time.Tomorrow Ι'm going with my dad to look for a new video camera as a gift for my birthday which is coming up,it is on the 20th of june.I've been dying to get a new camera so I can start making videos on youtube again and also I have a camera for a pictures somewhere on the basement of our house which I want to find to take pictures for my blog.Anyways,as I think most girls do,there are a few things that I've been wanting to get the past few days and I decided to gather them all together in this collage and share them with you.If you have any of these let me know in the comments below what do you think of it/them.

1.H&M Yellow Neon&Gold Chain Necklace 6.95€ :I think a neon or bright color necklace is a great way to add a pop of color and transform an outfit.This one from H&M is great one to do so because it isn't entirely neon thus it will be easier to style and match it with some other gold accessories.

2.Stradivarius Neon&Beige Bag 49.95€ :Even though I normally don't spend a lot of money on fashion pieces,I think that this bag which also has some neon touch is really cute and it will be very convenient to carry a bunch of (probably useless) stuff around during daytime.

3.H&M Flared Black Skirt 14.95€ :Skater or flared,however you call them ,these skirts are great for both day and night time outfits.I really want to get one in my hands but the last time I went shopping I didn't find one that I liked.Yesterday as I was looking through the H&M clothes on their website,I saw that one and I think it is really cute.I'll still have to see it in person but I think it is exactly how I want it.

4.H&M Lace Canvas Shoes 14.95€ :Ok,how adorable are these?I love them!Really affordable and cute,I think they will look really nice with a cute dress or skirt.I really want these!

5.Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallette :So many people have been obsessing over this pallette which makes me want to try it really badly.Also I really want some neutral matte eyeshadows so I think this will be just perfect.

6.Pull&Bear Floral Dress 22.99€ :I've been looking for a good floral dress forever and among to the ones I have found this is one my faves.I have a couple more that I like but I thought I would just put that one.I'm going shopping again soon,so I really hope I find it.

7.H&M Black Platform Sandals in Imitation Suede 29.95€ :Platform sandals similar to the JC Chloe is another thing that I've been really wanting to get.I think these will really nice with the floral dress and the skirt too.If I find this pair I'm definitely going to get it.

8.Zara Sandals 22.95€ :I'm not really a sandals person but this pair is amazing and very stylish.I would definitely buy these if I found them.

9.H&M Crochet Ballet Pumps 12.95€ :Another super cute pair of shoes.For me it is the happy medium between a pair of regular ballet flats(which I'm not really a fan of) and a pair of Converse(which I love).That is because they are really comfortable but still really girly.

10.Benefit Perfumes :All of the Benefit perfumes smell sooo good and I would love to get one of them.There was a specific one that I had smelled that smelled like apricot or peach but I can't remember which one it was exactly.I loved that one but I think in general that the Benefit perfumes are amazing.

And those are the things that are on my current wishlist.Really hope I can find and get some of the fashion pieces when I will go shopping,I'll let you guys know.
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jojo el said...

so nice my girl <3

Maria said...

Thank u:)<3

Just another vintage holic - The beauty edition said...

Those perfumes are sooo lovely! And the skirt is just great!

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