Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fave Everyday Lip Products

Helloooo everyone!Today I thought I would share with you my fave lip products for everyday.I don't really wear lipstick/lipgloss as much I used to but if one day I feel like putting something on my lips other than lipbalm these are the products I usually go for.

    MAC Creme Cup Cremesheen Lipstick:Cremesheen lipsticks from MAC are my fave because they are so smooth on the lips and they don't make them look dry.Creme Cup is described by MAC as a light blue pink,I would simply say it a really nice nude lipstick that leans towards pink.I think it is great for everyday and it looks good with most makeup looks!
    MAC Hue Glaze Lipstick:Ahh,my new obsession from MAC.It's not really that new,I have it for a while but whatever.Slightly more pink than Creme Cup(or at least in my eyes) it is also a great neutral lipstick for everyday.It is a glaze finish and MAC describes it as a soft pale pink.
    Avon(Color Trend Cosmetics) Pink Sunrise Lipstick:This lipstick,I ordered because it was on sale a while back.I didn't really needed a nude lipstick,I had a few but my bestie and I decided to order it from Avon through a friend of ours.It is kinda similar to Creme Cup,it is very smooth on the lips and it is a great nudish pink lipstick for everyday.It was pretty cheap,like all Color Trend products and you might still be able to find this in the Avon brochures.
    Essense In The Nude Lipstick:Last year for my best friend's b-day I went to the beauty store looking for a few makeup products as her gift and while I was at the Essense booth I was looking at the lipsticks section and found a couple of colors that I liked and I ended up picking up a light pink lipstick for her.However I had been eyeing this nude lipstick for a while as I really wanted a more creamy nude lipstick because the only one I have is Myth by MAC which is not creamy at all.So a few months ago I decided to pick it up.It is a more sheer nude lipstick but it is really smooth on the lips and it doesn't wash me out.Essense products are quite inexpensive so I highly recommend you to go and check them out.
   Clinique Flirty Honey Almost Lipstick:A mix between a lipstick and a lipbalm this gives a light hot pink color to the lips which is perfect for now summer(or what's left of summer).I picked this up on an Estee Lauder bazzar with my mom.It was on a mini set with another almost lipstick and a mascara.Even though it is not actually a lipbalm,I think it does give some moisture to the lips,it goes really smoothly on the lips and it is easy to apply even without a mirror.
   MAC Richer,Lusher Cremesheen Glass:These lipglosses from MAC are divine if you are not a fan of sticky or glittery/shimmery lipglosses.Really smooth as well,Richer,Lusher is a peach coral lipgloss which looks great on top of a peachy or nude lipstick.It is kinda sheer so it doesn't look very intense on the lips if that is not the look you are going for.If you do want that,then simply apply two coats of it and you're ready.
   Sephora Rusted Rose Lipgloss:This lipgloss is actually my mom's but I'm using a lot more than her so I kinda consider it as my own now.It is a really pretty rosy lipgloss which looks great on it's own or on top of a slightly darker pink lipstick.I think it is a seasonless color because it can be worn on any season and it would still look great.I'm not sure if you can still find it at Sephora or how much it costs but there are a tons of different lipglosses at Sephora and at many different prices so you will definitely find a color similar to this.

And that pretty much concludes today's post.I really hope you enjoyed reading that.Let me know in the comments below if you have any of these lip products and/or which is your fave lip product out of the ones you have.
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Πολύ ωραία όλα!

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Hannah said...

I need to try MAC Hue! It looks like the perfect nude.
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Rebecca said...

My friend is borderline obsessed with creme cup (I think she's onto her third), but I'm not too sure it suits me. That Clinique one looks lovely!

Iwona said...

maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

MITCH said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for more lip color products!


Mandy W said...

I love my Mac Creme Cup! I haven't really paid any attention to Mac Hue until you brought it up now. I'll be interested to have a swatch xx Glad I stumbled upon your blog! Am following you now xx Make Me Up Mandy

Alexandra Tsirimokou said...

Great post, I'm always in the hunt for good everyday lipsticks :) very interesting blog, followed! x

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You're more into nude shades, still wonderful! :)

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